Orange Broad-Spectrum CBD Oral Drops

  • Orange Flavour
  • Sourced from 100% Organic grown hemp from Colorado USA
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • Vegan
  • Halal
  • Lab tested for impurities, safety and potency
  • Broad-Spectrum hemp extract
  • Non-psychoactive 0.0% THC (Trace amounts)

Product description

Allstar CBD Broad-Spectrum Oral Drops

Allstars Orange CBD oral drops, are full of the fresh juicy flavour of sun-ripened oranges.

Often, our endocannabinoid system is often inactive due to a lack of naturally-occurring cannabinoids in our body. Supplementing it with broad-spectrum oral drops, stimulates the body to wake up these receptors. Once our system is restored with CBD drops, our mood is regulated and mobility, coordination and cognition is restored.

CBD drops are found to have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory qualities which can help to manage pain and aches in joints and muscles caused by conditions, such as arthritis. All of our broad-spectrum CBD products are infused with cannabidiol from organically grown hemp in Colorado.

Discover the therapeutic benefits of CBD products with Allstar CBD.

Allstars Orange CBD oral drops, have been made with the fresh juicy flavour of orange and a twist of lemony sourness, it's a delight to anyone’s taste buds and will have you coming back for more.

Allstars Orange oral drops have been made using broad-spectrum CBD which makes them perfect for those wanting to avoid the earthy bitterness which can come with some natural hemp tinctures. Our oral drops are pleasant tasting which helps with sublingual delivery.


  • Orange flavourings
  • Coconut-based MCT Oil
  • Broad-Spectrum hemp extract

Allstars Oil drops have an expert blend of broad-spectrum cannabidiol extract and MCT oil for fast-acting and easy oral consumption. The broad-spectrum CBD is extracted from organic hemp and later blended with coconut MCT oil which provides maximum bio-availability inside the human body. Having at least 85% active broad-spectrum CBD and only trace amounts of THC, our CBD is sourced ethically and sustainably.

We are exceptionally proud to be able to claim that we only use 100% organic CBD that has only trace amounts of THC, you can rest assured that when you use our oil you won’t experience any kind of psychoactive effects. Each bottle of our CBD oil has less than 1mg of THC, CBDV and CBN which complies fully to UK legal standards.

At Allstar we provide varied strengths in our oils from 300mg up to 6000mg depending on your personal needs, we always recommend starting low and slow so that you are able to increase your dosage steadily until you find your getting the desired effects.

Each 30ml bottle contains 30 servings (1ml):

  • 300mg: Approximately 10mg CBD per serving
  • 500mg: Approximately 17mg CBD per serving
  • 1,000mg: Approximately 33mg CBD per serving
  • 1,500mg: Approximately 50mg CBD per serving
  • 2,000mg: Approximately 66mg CBD per serving
  • 3,000mg: Approximately 100 mg CBD per serving
  • 6,000mg: Approximately 200 mg CBD per serving

Allstars oil drops are to be taken sublingually for the best absorption, place either a full or half pipette underneath your tongue and allow it to be taken up by your body. Keep it there for 90 seconds before swallowing any excess oil that remains, doing this will give you maximum benefits.

Sublingual Consumption

Sublingual consumption is done via a vein that is underneath your tongue called the sublingual gland, anything absorbed by this gland goes directly into the blood stream, which helps to provide high availability of the broad-spectrum CBD contained within our drops.

Lab Reports

You will find a batch number printed on your box and bottle, this is unique to each production run and allows the entire history of its production to be seen.


This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any ailment or disease and should not be used instead of medication prescribed by your doctor.

At Allstar we encourage all our customers to look online at the information that is widely available regarding the many benefits and uses that CBD has to assess if the product is right for you to use. We can also provide you with extra information if you contact us via email

Always store your Allstar products safely out of reach of children and animals avoiding direct sunlight. Do not use whilst pregnant.

About Allstar

Our ethos at Allstar is to provide the best products to enhance your quality of life and wellbeing, were confident that we have achieved this and are one of the best online sources for the purest and strongest broad-spectrum CBD products.

All of our broad-spectrum CBD products are professionally infused to contain the most therapeutic and potent amounts of cannabidiol from organically grown hemp in Colorado.

We have the purity and content of our CBD products verified by our suppliers in-house HPLC mass spectrometry instruments, this is then double checked by third-party analytical laboratories.

Allstars CBD products are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards for the best quality and purity. CBD is fast becoming an everyday addition to many peoples life’s and were committed to growing our product range so that its therapeutic values are accessible to all.

Our Product range currently includes broad-spectrum CBD oil, CBD E-liquid and CBD Gummies.

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