CBD Oil 

CBD is an abbreviation of cannabidiol and was first discovered by US chemist, Roger Adams, in 1940. He isolated CBD oil from the hemp plant. Later on in 1964, THC was isolated by Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli organic chemist. 
There are 120 known chemical compounds in CBD oil which are embedded in marijuana plants. It differs from hemp in that it contains Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis: a psychoactive drug is a chemical substance that causes changes in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, or behaviour. 

Is CBD oil legal in the UK? 

In 2018, the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 was changed, alteringing the laws encompassing the sale of CBD products as food supplements all over the UK. This was a milestone in the CBD industry, making it easier for UK residents to purchase high-quality, safe and effective cannabidiol products. 

CBD Oil today 

For a long time, many people have been opposed to cannabis, but are now turning to CBD products for relief. Its therapeutic properties are helping to turn around the lives of people around the country. 
As research has revealed even more therapeutic applications of CBD products, there has been a huge growth of appreciation for CBD oil. With it has come a surge in the retail sales, leading analysts predicting that the CBD market could increase further. 
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