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Our story began when we discovered the benefits of CBD ourselves. Boasting a number of beneficial properties, the cannabis compound has been lauded far and wide for being nature’s magical health supplement. 
With various anecdotally reported properties, there are multitudes of wellness benefits contained in this one plant species. Allstar CBD came into existence to make those benefits accessible to anyone and everyone seeking a natural alternative. 
The legalisation of CBD in 2017, opened up opportunities for people to experience a better quality of life and sense of wellbeing obtained from nature’s bounty. We strive to build and expand our product range so that it becomes a staple in people’s everyday lives. 
Having spent a lot of time conducting research, we immersed ourselves in understanding the nuances of broad-spectrum CBD, CBD isolates, and various CBD-infused products. Combining our extensive knowledge of the industry with our commitment to deliver quality above all else, our mission is to produce and provide our UK customers with high-end CBD products at affordable prices. 
Holding Ourselves to High Standards 
Here at Allstar CBD, we take compliance and regulations very seriously. In order to stay true to our goal and sustain the unmatched quality of our products, we adhere to high industry standards and employ best practices. 
Every batch of our broad-spectrum CBD oil, vapes and gummies are imbued with the same therapeutic properties. 
Each product undergoes stringent quality checks for potency and purity to remain transparent with our consumers. 
Where the Journey Begins 
At Allstar CBD, each product begins at the same point - high quality organic hemp plants, providing our broad-spectrum CBD oil used to produce our CBD products, intended for human consumption. 
In order to remain compliant with UK laws regarding CBD, we use broad-spectrum CBD that contains less than 1mg of THC, CBDV or CBN in each of our products. However, it contains additional cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and amino acids, creating the entourage effect which enhances its effectiveness against a number of ailments. 
The oils are extracted from organic hemp plants which are further processed meticulously to provide you with the purest broad-spectrum CBD possible. Stringent quality control is maintained throughout the process ensuring the highest quality standards are adhered too for all of our products. Under these considerations, Allstar CBD has curated an online marketplace where you can find unparalleled broad-spectrum CBD oil and CBD infused products. We work to remove the stigma against using CBD, showing our UK customers the therapeutic potential of the compound and the benefits it derives as a natural alternative. 
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